Photo Highlights of The 53rd Annual SFGMS Show, Aug. 4th & 5th, 2007

Photos by Bob Kozak

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Setting it up has to begin somewhere...Tables and booths are arranged in the vendor sales area by valued volunteers.
Club members arrange and prepare tables for the club's display cases in the main showroom.
Careful planning and attention to detail is necessary to set a proper foundation for the club's display cases. Barb Matz ruffles papers with Show Chairperson Ellen Nott
From the archives of the California Academy of Sciences, a sampling of birthstones (this year's show theme), left, and a collection of 19th century crystal models, used for teaching of crystalography.
The gemstones of Aaron's Breastplate, in the book of Exodus, displayed by Raina Woolfolk in their natural crystal forms
Red Birthstones and natural simulants. Exhibitor unknown.
Petersen Mountain Scepters, Washoe Co., Nevada - Exhibit by Foster Hallman and Paul Geffner. Smoky quartz, amethyst, citrine, and ametrine are all found on Petersen Mountain
The uniquely delightful freeform work of Joe Dempsy
Seth Lerer's florite digs from the Hansonburg Mines of New Mexico, with samples of handywork
A fine display of Utah pseudomorphs, collected and presented by Ken & Bobbi Lai
A sampling of Jay Bates' Spheres
One of two display cases of petrified wood collected from various locations throughout Nevada by Irwin and Bella Phillips
Second case of Nevada petrified wood collected and displayed by Irwin and Bella Phillips
The richness ot the West is represented in this display of state gemstones by Harry and Mary White
Closer view of California's state gemstone, benitoite, collected by Harry and Mary White
Oregon's state gem, the sunstone. On the back shelf is the yield from a single day's dig on July , 2007. The work of Harry and Mary White
"Iris and Smethyst Lady," An Elizabeth Lauder creation on agate
Elizabeth Lauder with a collection of her work
"Mountain Echo" and "High Country" - Painted originals on agate by Elizabeth Lauder
Polar Bears on Selanite, by Elizabeth Lauder
The earth blooms above ground and below with an amazing array of colors and shapes. Exhibit by Jack Halpern
In the Summer of 2007, the SFGMS sponsored a field-trip to New Mexico. Here's a small sample of the numerous locations visited and discoveries made, presented by Bob Kozak
Sapphire Mining in San Francisco! Carleen Mont-Eton supervises an enthusiastic crew panning for gems in raw sapphire gravel from Montana.
Treasures and memories from a multitude of field trips past by Barb Matz
A sampling of the collection of Aaron Lerer
Beautiful intarsia work by Naiomi Morgan
"Spring Flowers" A fine stone-inlay table was displayed at this year's show by Pietre Dute.

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